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Changing Careers - the highs and lows

Setting up your own business is a challenge, full of unknowns like the world of Ltd. Companies versus Sole Traders!?!, how to build a client base, am I any good at this? and it makes you realise what is important to you in life.

Who doesn't want the dream of deciding your own hours, reporting in to no one and being paid to do something you absolutely love?

With that comes the responsibility of working out how to earn enough to reap those rewards. Potentially giving up the benefits of a guaranteed income, paid holidays and sick leave etc. Do you quit your job and take the leap? Do you have a portfolio career - doing part what you love whilst holding down the day job?

Everyone views their world in a unique way. The mosaic tapestry of our lives shapes how we think, react, behave and make decisions everyday. Some people may just be bold risk takers. Some people need stability and security. Some people decide what they want and nothing will get in their way. Others may be paralysed by the decisions and questions that brings.

For me it has been a slow, considered and measured journey. I guess I am in the needing stability and security camp, but being brave enough to go after what I want at the same time. I'm a planner, I am driven when I have a motivating goal in mind and I'm cautious (even though I ride a motorbike).

I have done my research. Saved up to get qualified. Given up my free time to build a business. The questions and decisions can feel overwhelming, but I just remind myself to set my own pace. Take each step, one step at a time, and over the last 12 months have built up a client base, have a clear plan to build my business and all whilst I am continuing my day job which I also love.

I also used my coaching knowledge and contacts to seek support when I needed it. That's the beauty of coaching, it enables you to step back, reflect on the situation and come at it from a different perspective.

In reality, like most of the challenges we face, they are mostly in our mind. There haven't been many woes, just my own inner dialogue holding me back or pushing me out my comfort zone. It's been a wonderful journey, I am learning a lot about myself and have discovered the freedom of choice we all have - if we have the support and tools to confront our fears, solve our problems and not let anything hold you back.

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