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Achieving something you could never have imagined can be life changing.

Freedom, courage, choices

If you had asked me four years ago, do you ride motorbikes? I would have laughed and told you the story of when I crashed one into my neighbours car aged 16.

Even when I was learning to ride three years ago, and I couldn’t come out of first gear, and I dropped the school's bike almost every ten minutes - if you had asked will you ride a big bike, I would have laughed as I picked myself up and the instructor lifted the dropped bike off the ground for the tenth time that morning.

Yet I did! I passed my big bike test, no idea how, and within one month I rode across Europe to Croatia and back. It sounds brave and bold. In truth it was mostly naivety and ignorance. I just blindly went for it - I mean why not? Lots of reasons why not, but I didn't think about them.

That one trip exposed me to motorways with no speed limits, exhausting days of up to 8 hours riding and crossing two countries in one ride, ice capped mountains, to crystal clear sea views, to windy forest roads and numerous hair pin bends - which I still don't enjoy, but I did it! On my 2nd day I had to cross a mountain pass called the Grossglockner, a biker's heaven and newbies hell! But I did it!

I ended up travelling alongside a group of riders, and for the introvert me who hates new people - that was a challenge in itself. But, I did it!

This one activity has shown me I can do ANYTHING I want if I set my mind to it and don’t let fear hold me back. I have made some of the most wonderful friends I could ask for on the trips I have done since. I finally have something to share in the ice breaker game of tell us something we don't know about you. I have freedom. I have independence. And I feel awesome and proud every time I am out riding.

But most of all I have learnt one huge life lesson which is by challenging yourself and accomplishing the unimaginable you grow way beyond your perceived limits. And that is a powerful lesson.

My next challenge? Is launching my own Group Coaching Programme in 2021 focussed on Discovery Insights and how we can use them to improve every interaction, conversation and experience we have in life. Am I nervous? Sure. Am I excited? Hell Yes. Am I worried? No, because I believe I can do ANYTHING.

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