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Authentic Leadership

Lucy W, Director of Income Generation
"It has been an extremely useful process and something that I will come back to as I face new and difficult challenges.
It has really helped me to build my relationships with colleagues at all levels and to open up my mind to looking at situations from someone else’s perspective and using that perspective to suit my needs as well as theirs."

Hear from Lucy directly in her video testimonial (unmute in bottom right corner)

Creating Confident, Creative and Empowered Teams

Do you have an amazing team - yet they are not confidently reaching their true potential?

Are your team members frustrated with the politics and have a tendency to react emotionally?

Are you experiencing a high turnover and/or a team that lacks the motivation, passion and drive you want from them?

Do you want a team of confident self-starters who bring solutions and ideas rather than problems and barriers?

Do you desire employees to always be looking to grow, improve and add more value to the organisation? Seeking out opportunities and open to taking risks

Would you like them to become the team that is recognised for its excellence, expertise, courage and collaboration throughout the organisation?

Most of all you want teams hitting their targets who are passionate and motivated

Journey to Authentic Leadership

In this six month programme consisting of one-to-one coaching, leadership & team focussed workshops and lifetime access to amazing practical tools we will cover:

If you are looking to find out about the one-to-one Authentic Leadership Programme - click here.

You as a Leader

Leaders will understand their strengths and development needs with a personal Insights Discovery profile

They will learn about their own leadership & communication style

How to handle difficult conversations and make them positive and effective

They will create a vision for their teams and how to achieve this

Your Team

An understanding of the team unit, their strengths, weaknesses and how to work best with each other

Understanding the needs of their teams and how to lead in the best way for them - with the Team Insights Discovery Profile


Know how to motivate their team, get their buy-in and create confident, empowered self starters


Contracts of commitment to achieve the team vision together


Finding Balance

Knowing their own stress triggers and how to manage their stress levels

How to achieve more calm and balance in both their work and home life

Creating the time and space they need to truly step into their role as leaders

At the end of the programme, your teams will effectively support and motivate each other, and manage people, projects and themselves with confidence and conviction.

Take some time to reflect and explore with me how your team is currently working - book your free call today.

What's Included?

Personal Insights Discovery Profile and the
Team Profile 

A deep dive into each participant's personal style of communication, how they think and their strengths & development needs 

Followed by a One-to-One session with me to really bring it to life

In addition a Team Profile to be used during live workshops

Full Access to the Leadership & Communication Library

Downloadable workbooks, tools, tips and cheat sheets - lifetime access

6 x Leadership & Team Focussed Modules Delivered In-Person

Six modules combined into two full day in-person workshops

An in-depth look at the key programme focus areas and how to apply these practically in your organisation

On Hand Support In Between Sessions


Coaching support via email or WhatsApp available for you to use as you need throughout the programme

6 x 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions


90 min. online coaching sessions to support individuals on any challenges or goals they want to explore

Create long term transformation in your team

Upon completion you will have a high performing, engaged and successful team

Through The Programme Your Team Will...

Reach their full potential with courage and confidence

Respond to challenges in a positive, collaborative and solutions focussed manner, no longer reacting emotionally 

Be driven to exceed expectations, strive to always add value and feel motivated to do so

Be self-starters, bringing solutions and not problems, no longer seeking permission and instead seeking forgiveness for their brilliance

Proactively seek out new opportunities and be open to taking risks

Be recognised throughout the organisation for their excellence, expertise, courage and collaboration

Your Questions Answered

Who is this aimed at?​

The individual programme is for anyone leading teams or aspiring to lead teams. All training and coaching is provided in a one-to-one setting and spread across the duration of the programme.


The programme for organisations is aimed at senior leadership teams, and can also be run for their direct teams, who are driven to work better together and achieve more for the organisation.​​ The programme consists of two full day in-person workshops with more of a focus on the group as a whole. In addition, there is one-to-one coaching for all participants across the duration of the programme.


What is the time commitment?

The Authentic Leadership Programme is a six-month programme with monthly 121 coaching and core leadership modules which can be delivered virtually every month or two full-day in-person workshops on the team programme. ​


What guarantees to do you offer that I will achieve my goals?

As a trained coach, I have the right skills and experience to help you achieve your vision, and my programme is designed to help you do exactly that! I have helped over 100 leaders and managers since starting Stepping Stones Coaching. 


However, there are no guarantees, and it relies on each individual to remain committed and open to the process. I am here to help coach you through that process, keep you accountable and committed.​


Do you offer further discounts for larger teams?

There is a discounted rate for larger teams. For individuals who are self-funding, there is a lower rate applied and further discounts applied for instant booking.  


Do you only offer the set programme?

The programme has been designed through years of refinement to deliver optimum results and value. As each organisation is unique it can be tailored to suit your needs.​


Can it be delivered in a shorter time frame?

Yes - research has indicated most clients like a six-month programme. However, the programme is designed to be condensed into a 12-week programme or even 12 months. 

Take some time to reflect and explore with me how your team is currently working - book free your call today.
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