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Coaching with Insights Discovery

The Insights Discovery learning system is built on Dr Carl Jung’s pioneering work “Psychological Types” in which he introduced the concept of “preferences”, in 1921. Our understanding of these “preferences” is fundamental to the way we communicate and build relationships with others.


The Insights Discovery system uses four distinct colour energies which we can apply in our daily life to help us understand why we behave in the way we do, and why other people might behave differently.


By deepening your understanding of others, you will be able to improve your own approach to connecting with your customers and colleagues in both a face-to-face and virtual environment.

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What Colour Energy Do You Think You Lead With?

  • Do you like to be prepared, need to know the details, and take time to process your thoughts before acting? And you like to get things right!


  • Are you a fast talker? Firing questions? Delegating actions? Speaking up in meetings? And you like to get things done!

  • Do you worry about everyone else? Want to make sure the team are happy? Seek everyone's inputs and opinions? And you like deep relationships built on trust!

  • Or are you the social butterfly in the room? Stifled by rules and details? Inspired by fun and creativity? And you love to be included!

What You Get From Insights

Insights Discovery is transformational, and the benefits are numerous. Through a deeper understanding of your own and other people’s preferences and communication styles you will be equipped with the knowledge and insight to build strong relationships both internally and externally. To work well with challenging characters. To be your best self, every day through understanding your learning, working and communication style.


When individuals understand their needs and those of the people around them, they hold the key to getting the best out of every situation, confidence to communicate effectively and conviction in their decisions and actions. Resulting in increased team unity, better stakeholder & client management, improved efficiency and effectiveness and a motivated workforce.

Outcomes include:


  • A clear understanding of the Insights Discovery Profile

  • Developing insights into internal and external work relationships and how to make them more productive

  • An understanding of how we think, interpret and react to the world around us

  • An understanding of your role in group dynamics

  • Useful tips for identifying and dealing with stress and triggers

  • Insight into your own teams and social groups enabling everyone to communicate more effectively

  • Increased self awareness

  • Increased self confidence & self esteem

  • Increased social awareness and understanding of how they relate to others

  • Recognition of the strengths and blind spots of the preferences they bring

  • A practical and applicable understanding of insights that will be applied everyday to achieve goals and objectives more effectively

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