I help leaders to consistently lead high performing and motivated teams. To be confident in their role, meet the needs of their teams, and be successful in both their home and work life.

Working with leaders, teams and individuals. Focussing on you, to find the right solutions for you, and with you. Using coaching in an authentic, direct, and open way.

Leadership and Communication Coach


With a 20-year career of leading large teams in both the Charity and Commercial Sectors, I have considerable expertise in leadership and team development, facilitating team away days and workshops and creating cohesive collaborative teams.

In 2018 I set up my own Team Development & Coaching Practice – Stepping Stones Coaching Ltd. I specialise in working with individuals in leadership roles. Using a combination of transformational coaching and Insights Discovery or DISC behavioural profiling tools.

As a leader you have a lot of responsibility, are spinning lots of plates and usually do not have enough time in the day to do everything well. It can be overwhelming and stressful. And this in turn impacts our life outside of work. It can sometimes feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

I work with leaders to build their confidence, from feeling like an imposter to fully believing that you are in the right role and knowing you do it really well.


From second-guessing yourself to feeling conviction in your decision making.


From feeling frustrated by your team members, knowing that there is a disconnect, to learning how to communicate in a way that will be received and acted upon positively by your team members.


From feeling guilty about bringing your work stress home, to leaving work at work, and being fully present for your loved ones.

Using your personalised Insights Discovery or DISC Behavioural Profile together we unlock the key to being able to adapt with ease, especially in very difficult times. You will gain an in-depth understanding of yourself and the people around you; enabling you to meet and manage the needs of your team. You will gain tools and knowledge to communicate effectively, so you can optimise your team's performance, ensuring they are more effective and efficient. And you will find balance in your life, able to leave work at work.

I can also support you in optimising your team's performance. I specialise in Team Development and Dynamics using Insights Discovery and DISC. I am a qualified licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner and DISC accredited; and run Leadership Team Development and Team Coaching Insights Discovery/DISC Coaching Programmes, as well as bespoke team/one-to-one coaching.

I work with organisations and individuals to develop through Transformational Coaching, providing one-to-one and team coaching & training with clients of all levels. Through working with me my clients develop a stronger awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.

I am able to deliver in-person coaching and also have significant experience with delivering online sessions on various platforms.



Read on to help decide if coaching is for you


Individual Coaching

  • Do you resonate with the dreaded "Imposter Syndrome"?

  • Do you feel stuck in the middle of your teams and your Senior Leadership Team? 

  • Are you held back by fears and limiting beliefs about yourself? Worrying what people think?

  • Perhaps you are in a new role and navigating new challenges

  • Do you struggle with certain individuals but don't know how to improve the relationship?


Do You Want To....

  • Create more productive relationships

  • Understand how we all think, interpret and react to the world around us

  • Identify and deal with stress & triggers

  • Gain insight into others - enabling more effective communication

  • Increase your self-awareness & confidence

  • Understand your strengths & blind spots

  • Have conviction in your decisions and actions


Individual or Team Coaching

  • Are you so busy, in back to back meetings, and don't have time to check in on everyone?

  • Would you like a senior management team of thought leaders, collaborators, presenting solutions not problems and strategically leading their teams in the same direction?

  • Have you benefitted from coaching yourself, would love your teams too as well if you had the budget and they had the time?

Building Blocks

You don't need to have it all figured out to move forward.....just take the next small step


Find out more about what I do

In this short intro video I introduce myself to you and talk a little more about who I work with, how and what we can hope to achieve together.



I first came across Jo in a free insights session she hosted, I really enjoyed it and decided to find more about Jo’s coaching offering. I opted to do the 12 week coaching programme, focusing on leadership, confidence and general management challenges.

The coaching sessions really helped me learn a new perspective on how to create and build better relationships with not only my immediate team, but wider stakeholders. Understanding individuals colour profiles, was a great benefit to me! I had recently taken on a new role with more senior responsibility and the coaching helped me to get over what I considered to be my ‘imposter syndrome’. I can confidently say now that it’s ok not to know everything all the time, I cannot be an expert in everything!

I can already see it adding value to my organisation, in better relationships and feeling more confident to push back when needed. If anyone is thinking of doing this, I would highly recommend Jo, she’s incredibly supportive and highly experienced. It was great to learn from Jo and go on this journey together

H Mason, Senior Direct Marketing Manager



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