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I help leaders to consistently lead high-performing and motivated teams. To be confident in your role, meet the needs of your people, and be successful in both your home and work life.

Working with leaders, teams and individuals. Focussing on you, to find the right solutions for you, and with you. Using coaching in an authentic, direct, and open way.

Authentic Leadership

At the core of the Authentic Leadership Programme is the belief that we are all leaders - even if we don't lead teams directly.


My coaching approach to leadership recognises that the decisions we make, our behaviour, and the way we communicate have the power to drive organisational success.


This programme is designed to help both individuals and organisations develop their leadership skills.


To help you:


  • Understand how to make the most of your own leadership potential

  • Develop your communication, collaboration and decision-making skills, so that you can lead with confidence and be recognised for it

  • Create teams that are passionate, motivated and consistently achieving results


Through training and coaching, you will have all the tools to create a culture of collaboration, so that your team can work together effectively to achieve successful results.

At the end of the programme, you will be able to confidently support and motivate team members, and manage people, projects and yourself with confidence and courage.

Transform your leadership skills today and take your organisation to the next level. 

Jo Stone

Leadership & Communication Coach

With over 20 years of management experience in both the Charity and Commercial Sectors, I have developed expertise in leadership and team development, facilitating team away days/workshops and creating cohesive collaborative teams.

I have benefitted from amazing coaches in my life and I know if I had the leadership and communication coaching I received in later years, at the start of my career, I would have been armed with everything I needed to thrive, add maximum value to my organisations and lead amazing teams. I truly believe everyone should invest in coaching - it is incredibly transformational and powerful.


In 2018, I founded Stepping Stones Coaching Ltd., a Leadership & Communication Coaching Practice dedicated to working with individuals in leadership roles and their teams.


Using a combination of transformational coaching and Insights Discovery behavioural profiling tools, I run the Authentic Leadership Programme - offering comprehensive training and tools, coupled with bespoke one-to-one coaching support, to help people in senior management and their teams to feel confident in their role and become high-performing leaders.



Certified Transformational Coach

Licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner

DISC Certified

EFT Certified

Mental Health First Aid Certified

Over 20 years of experience leading teams 

I help people in senior management move from a place of doubt to feeling confident in their role and being transformational leaders - delivering results with happy, empowered and motivated teams.

Client Testimonials


"It has been an extremely useful process and something that I will come back to as I face new and difficult challenges.


It has really helped me to build my relationships with colleagues at all levels and to open up my mind to looking at situations from someone else’s perspective and using that perspective to suit my needs as well as theirs."

Lucy W, Director of Income Generation

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