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Can the worst times in life also be the best?

Can one of the worst times in life also be the best? The answer is simple - Yes. It often takes something quite drastic or traumatic or final to raise someone's awareness of what they want or don't want in life, and to give them the confidence to become a better version of themselves. For me it was the breakdown of my marriage. I lived in a lovely secure little bubble, I played safe and on hindsight I played small. I had it all mapped out. A house, a husband of 16 years and a good career. Then it all came tumbling down around me - and completely blindsided me. I hit rock bottom, I didn't see that coming and couldn't see what the future held. And it terrified me. So many new lessons to learn about myself. How to be on my own. How to survive an emotional trauma. How to protect my well being when I was at my most vulnerable. So I made a choice. I made a choice to make the most out of a shitty situation. And I learnt a beautiful life lesson - You can't choose the cards you're dealt, only how you play them. Suddenly my world changed from a lonely, terrifying and broken place - to an unknown destiny, open to whatever came my way. And my journey began. I chose to pick up the pieces and look back on my last 16 years and make a change. I travelled. I travelled alone - and LOVED it. I learnt to ride a motorbike. I rode to Croatia and back in that first year of riding. I studied Photography. I qualified in EFT Tapping. I qualified as a transformational coach. Left a toxic job for a wonderful job. I surrounded myself with the type of people and energy that brought light and positivity. I dropped the toxic and draining relationships. I setup my own coaching business. I took control of my destiny. And I looked inward. I have learnt and grown so much in the last 5 years. And I have no doubt that I will forever learn and evolve for the rest of my days. I had stagnated in my marriage, we both had. And now was my time. To blossom and bloom, to wither and grow again. It's been terrifying, it's been challenging, it's been eye opening and exhilarating. It was the worst time of my life and also the best. There are lessons and opportunities in everything we experience and every person we encounter. Every knock is a chance to grow and learn, every challenging relationship is an opportunity to evolve how you react and every door closing means you are moving further on your life path. You can't choose the cards you're dealt, only how you play them.

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