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My Journey to Becoming a Coach

Having managed senior managers for the last decade I realised how much I value and enjoy this part of my job. This year I decided to embark on a qualification in Transformational Coaching and launch my own business. It has been such a wonderful journey and has completely transformed how I interact with my work colleagues, manage my teams and most exciting is that I have a new income stream doing something I absolutely love.

I started this journey with the aim of being a life coach. Having had an incredible Life Coach, who coached me through finding a job I love, working well with difficult people and got me through a really tough divorce. It was a life changing experience. She also introduced me to EFT Tapping, and I qualified in this at the start of the year. My plan was to work as a Life Coach who uses EFT Tapping to support my clients in working through the challenges life throws at them.

Since starting my business I have attracted a very different client base. And my business has naturally evolved to where I am today, a Work-Life Coach. I have clients ranging from middle management through to directors and work with them to identify their goals and challenges holding them back. My style of coaching helps people find a safe space to explore their limiting beliefs and challenge their perceptions. With each of my clients I work with them to identify the next steps to achieving whatever we are working on. A number of them have gone on to get promotions, find new jobs or build their confidence in overcoming the challenges they want to overcome.

It is so rewarding when someone shifts their perception of their current situation and looks upon it with fresh eyes, and they feel more optimistic and ready to crack on with the next steps in their journey. I recently asked my current clients for feedback and was overwhelmed by the responses I have received. It feels great to have found a way to use my knowledge, experience and skills to truly make an impact in helping someone else. I am so excited by the journey I am on and can't wait to meet my future clients and embark on a journey with them.

I still work full time as I am building up my business, and encourage anyone who feels there is something they are good at and would love to make a living from to follow their dreams, do what needs to be done to make those first steps on what will be an awesome journey.

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