This programme will transform how you interact with people and the world around you. 

An 8 week Group Coaching Programme which will:

  • Give you a clear understanding of your own Insights Discovery Profile

  • Gain deeper insights into your work and personal relationships

  • Give you a strong understanding of how we think, interpret and react to the world around us

  • Improve your ability to communicate more effectively with others

  • Provide you with an understanding of your role in group dynamics

  • Teach you the tools to build more effective relationships and ideas on how to adapt and connect with different personalities 

  • Offer useful tips for identifying and dealing with stress and triggers

  • And leave you with deep insights into your own teams and social groups enabling everyone to communicate more effectively

The Programme includes:​

  • Your personal individual Insights Discovery Profile

  • One 90 minute one-to-one Insights Discovery Profile Consultation (Week 1)

  • Four two hour Group Workshops (held bi-weekly)

  • One 90 minute individual coaching session (Week 7)

  • Four weeks of Guided Individual Learning (bi-weekly)