DISC Behavioural Tool


The popular DISC assessment explains “how” people do what they do in their daily lives.

The TTI Success Insights’ version of DISC uncovers unique insights about observable behaviours. This assessment is sometimes referred to as “the operator’s manual for employees.”

DISC highlights specific behavioural characteristics a person is likely to possess, and is backed by research, making it a solid predictor of
future behaviour.


What you get from DISC

Through a deeper understanding of your own and other people’s behaviours, you will be equipped with the knowledge and insight to build strong relationships both internally and externally. To work well with challenging characters. To be your best self, every day through understanding your learning, working and communication style.

When individuals understand their needs and those of the people around them, they hold the key to getting the best out of every situation, confidence to communicate effectively and conviction in their decisions and actions. Resulting in increased team unity, better stakeholder & client management, improved efficiency and effectiveness and a motivated workforce.

Benefits include:

  • Understanding yourself

  • Understanding your interactions with others

  • Understanding how people are different and adapt for success

  • A practical and applicable understanding of insights that will be applied every day to achieve goals and objectives more effectively

With DISC Assessments Your Organisation Can:

  • Discover if the right people are in the right positions

  • Create an action plan to help employees improve, engage and advance

  • Enhance daily communication in all levels of the company

DISC Behavioural Profiling Tool

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