Helping overworked, time poor leaders successfully create high performing, impactful and motivated teams who consistently achieve results - by delivering both one to one and group coaching to build self-awareness and optimise their performance.

  • Are you a leader or manager responsible for teams of hard working individuals?

  • Are you so busy moving from meeting to meeting, overseeing many teams, numerous income streams as well as operating at a Board level that sometimes you just don't have time to check in on everyone?

  • Are you tired of the same old frustrations between teams and others directorates? Resource constraints? Time constraints? The ask versus the brand identity? 

  • Have you found the last 18 months relentless but been impressed by how much your incredible teams have achieved?

  • Have you got some teams working hard, being resilient and highly motivated, whilst others just seem to be struggling and may have a higher turnover?

  • Have you tried everything you can think of to build team resilience but know there is more that can and should be done? 

  • Do you focus mostly on achieving results through hard work, creative thinking and cost efficiencies? Sometimes unknowingly sacrificing the focus leadership development deserves as the outcome is not as tangible, teams are busy and budgets are tight?

  • Do you believe having teams back in the office is incredibly valuable, yet you know some individuals have reservations and others are desperate to be back in the office?

  • Would you like a senior management team who are thought leaders, collaborators, presenting solutions not problems, seeing the bigger picture and strategically leading their teams in the same direction, towards the same clear vision?

  • Do you have a good L&D programme in place, providing traditional leadership training yet know your senior management team have not realised their full potential yet?

  • Have you benefitted from coaching yourself, would love your teams too as well but don't feel you have the budget?

  • Would you like to keep a motivated directorate of passionate, skilled and dedicated individuals who want to stay and grow with your organisation?

  • Do you want your teams to be recognised throughout the organisation as respected experts in their field who add so much value to the organisation which is consistently evidenced through collaborative, productive and strong working relationships?


Working with individuals on a range of business coaching needs. 

Prices range from £180 up to £250 (incl. VAT) per 90 minute session depending on how many are booked in a block.


Working with teams on a range of coaching needs. Bringing together new or fractured teams. Improving stakeholder management. Creating leadership teams. And more. 

Prices range from £350 for a two hour workshop up to £900 for a full day (incl. VAT).


The most cost effective package offered is a 12 week programme of coaching. 

Tailored to support the individuals overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. 

Cost is £1800 for three months for an organisation paying for one individual, up to one session per week (£150 per session) and access to unlimited email support and telephone support.


Find Out For Yourself

Lucy, Director of Income Generation, and her team have worked with me for over a year. 

Listen to what she has to say here. 



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