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"Coaching Interactive has been an almost mind-blowing experience for me! The possibilities for self advancement and goal attainment are endless - I’m being challenged daily, but am in control of the process. I am thrilled to be changing my life in this way and absolutely thrive on the support and input from my personal coach. It’s amazing!"

Annie Watsham

Stepping Stones Coaching - Testimonials

Testimonials for Steve Scott

"Steve is an excellent coach, facilitator and trainer who is a member of the Stand to Reason training team. He is highly business minded as well as compassionate and insightful and it has always been a pleasure to work with him. He has contributed significantly to the development of one of our key products."
- 2012 - Jonathan Naess

"Steve is professional in his approach, meticulous and challenging with patient determination and encouragement. He is an excellent listener with perceptive observation and I strongly recommend him as a coach and trainer.
On a personal note, he has good sense of humour with strong family values, and from his book (Insiders: Outsiders) you have certain knowledge that he has come through his own challenges"

- 2012 - Lorraine, Axon Milk Link Ltd

“I have been privileged to have known Steve for over 5 years ever since my initial involvement with the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce. Latterly, he became a client of mine at Outset Finance. I have always found Steve to be motivated and more importantly motivating to others. His philosophy is helping others brings its own rewards and he is very focussed on assisting fellow business people to be better at what they do. His involvement in the Plymouth Chamber is best summed up by the fact that he has been trusted to be a 'Chamber Ambassador' which is not an accolade that is bestowed lightly.

Steve is passionate about businesses having the opportunity to bid for public sector tenders and to this end he is leading the private sector in ensuring that the portal - sell2plymouth - is managed properly.
- 2012 - Rob Guy, Director, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“Steve has been most helpful and positive in his support and information provided, his honest, humanistic approach coupled with his experience and knowledge has proved invaluable to both me and others within the group. In short I would recommend Steve to all those wishing to move forward in all aspects of their lives.”
- 2011 - Steve Kerswill, Business Development Manager, Achievement Training Ltd

“Steve is a true professional who above all is an excellent at listener. His experienced and knowledgeable approach to coaching and development is first class and I can wholeheartedly recommend Steve to anyone looking to engage in professional development. Thank you Steve for your support during 2011”
- 2011 - Darren Critten Financial Planner IFA

"Steve is a professional - he undertakes any coaching or training meticulously with a calm and reflective manner .He has a good sense of humour and is able to laugh at himself an excellent quality I believe"
- Sally Montgomery - life, business and executive coach

“I happily recommend Steve as he is a highly professional business coach. He has extensive experience in all aspects of operational management and supply chain and uses this knowledge to coach senior managers and employees in changing their management style. Organisations that hire Steve can be confident of a pragmatic business focused approach to improving performance.”
- 2011 - Deborah Morris, Director, DM Coaching & HR Consultancy

"Steve is a powerful and challenging coach, with an eye both for detail and for the big picture. His methodical approach is extremely helpful when we co-present, and I find him a pleasure to work with.”
- 2011 - Alan Chatting, Partner, CSP Coaching

“Steve is meticulous and professional in everything he does within a business/work situation. Whilst his manner is gentle he manages to be firm but fair and encourages others to achieve their best.”
- Sandra Everett, Head of Marketing, Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society

"I have known Steve for a number of years. He is one of those mystical people who some how manages to make people get the most out of their lives and perhaps more importantly out of themselves. A respected author and teacher, Steve has helped many people from all walks of life deal with fear, anxiety and depression. My own work brings me into contact with people, some of whom have issues around chronic pain, the understanding that Steve can present in an illuminating way is of great benefit to clients.”
- Kevin Kelly, Chiropractor, Peverell Chiropractic Clinic

"Steve is an incredibly astute and skilled coach. An excellent role model and generous in sharing his knowledge, skills and experience. He is every inch the professional and I wouldn't (and don't) hesitate to recommend him!”
- Jo Higson

"Steve is a goal-oriented, resourceful individual. Outstanding book!"
- Kathi (Kathleen) Madison, Licensed Professional Counselor, Kathleen R. Madison, LPC

“I would recommend anyone looking for a business coach to contact Steve Scott of Stepping Stones Coaching. I first approached Steve to assist in keeping me on track with a variety of business objectives and goals and was very impressed with his executive coaching skills and his style of coaching. As an entrepreneur it’s essential to keep focused and Steve has certainly ensured I stay on track and question every area of my professional life.

If you are a business executive, manager or entrepreneur and haven’t got a coach then first of all you need one, and second, you need to speak to Steve Scott"
- Mark Field, Entrepreneur