"Coaching Interactive has been an almost mind-blowing experience for me! The possibilities for self advancement and goal attainment are endless - I’m being challenged daily, but am in control of the process. I am thrilled to be changing my life in this way and absolutely thrive on the support and input from my personal coach. It’s amazing!"

Annie Watsham

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business and executive coaching

Buisiness and Executive coaching

Don’t have to suffer as you meet the challenges, help is at hand

help with depression and anxiety

Coaching for Depression and Anxiety

A coach can assist in defining problems, setting goals and dealing with anxiety and fear

coaching interactive

Coaching Interactive

24/7 online coaching available anytime and anywhere, and helping you grow to your full potential.”


Stepping Stones Coaching provides cost effective comprehensive personal life coaching, business coaching, coaching interactive and executive coaching to support small businesses, individuals and organisations, particularly in the area of mental wellbeing. Our experienced coaching team are available to offer you support and to motivate you through a range of services. We provide executive and business coaching in Plymouth, Devon, the South West and UK.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a conversation or a number of conversations one person has with another. The person who is the coach intends to produce a conversation that will benefit the other person, the coachee, in a way that relates to the coachee’s learning, understanding and progress.

How Does Coaching Happen?

The coach uses a combination of skills, such as observation, talking, listening, questionning and reflecting back to the individual they are working with. Coaching can work equally well in face-toface, telephone and internet media. The role of the coach provides a type of support different from any other. A coach will focus purely on an individual’s situtation with the kind of attention and commitment that the coachee will rarely experience elsewhere. During the conversations, the coach will encourage the coachee to rise to challenges, overcome barriers and to take positive action.