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Book on Depression - By Steve Scott

Insiders: Outsiders - by Steve Scott

books about depression
In this candid and courageous account, Steve Scott - a long-term sufferer of severe clinical depression - describes the nightmare he and his family have lived through for so many years. He looks back to his teenage years, where he believes his depression began, and describes how his illness affected both his job and his relationship with himself, his wife and his family. He also enlightens readers as to how he has emerged from some very dark places with the realisation that his depression is a gift to help others in a similar situation.

Also included in this book are some stark and frank accounts from fellow sufferers - 'insiders', and how people who have lived with or cared for sufferers- 'outsiders' have been affected by the illness.

Finally, there is a very interesting perspective from the eyes of a professional and experienced psychotherapist, which helps explain how and why the illness is manifested and perpetuated.

Testimonials on AMAZON

It is very hard to comment in words on a book that means so much to you. Steve's story gives hope, aspiration and salvation to the dark days of life. I myself do not suffer from depression, however it has affected my life and that of my loved ones significantly. This book gave me the understanding and strength to cope and help others to cope with the black dog. Thanks Steve.

Huw Rees - UK

This book gives an exceptional insight into the lives of people who have suffered from depression. As a therapist, I often work with clients with depression, and reading this book gave me a whole new perspective, and gave me information that will prove invaluable in the work that I do. The author's own story alone gave me a whole new perspective, and the other "real life stories" were also incredibly eye opening. Superb reading!

Maria Hocking - UK